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  • 8-Aug-2012 PDI
    Free trade agreements roil global auto manufacturers
    When I was in South Korea for five days last month, I noticed that very few European and American cars were on the road in Seoul and Keosu.
  • 7-Aug-2012 El Colombiano
    Colombia: ¿Para que tanto TLC?
    “Debemos hacer un alto en el camino para mirar qué es lo que verdaderamente vamos a vender o si no estos acuerdos pueden resultar de una sola vía, podríamos empezar a reemplazar producción interna por productos importados, que de hecho ya lo estamos viendo, muchos han reducido su producción y prefieren importar”.
  • 7-Aug-2012 Chosun Ilbo
    Korea, Vietnam to start FTA talks
    Korea and Vietnam have agreed to start formal talks toward a free trade agreement. Seoul and Hanoi already have a preliminary FTA, because Korea signed a trade pact with ASEAN. But Korea’s key exports — cars, components and IT products — are not included in the pact with ASEAN, so Seoul is now seeking separate FTAs with each ASEAN member country.
  • 7-Aug-2012 The Nation
    Thailand mulls FTA negotiations with EU
    Thailand will ask the European Union to put the more than 700 export items that are at risk of losing export privileges in two years into an “early harvest” scheme under a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
  • 7-Aug-2012 UNCTAD
    SADC moving forward on model bilateral investment treaty template
    Investment policy makers and investment treaty negotiators from the 15-member Southern African Development Community (SADC) convened in Pretoria, South Africa recently to engage in clause by clause in-depth discussions of the draft SADC Model Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) Template and Commentary.
  • 7-Aug-2012 Fiji Times
    Pacific could be pushed into unwanted deals
    As the start of trade talks on a comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union nears, African Caribbean Pacific countries have been urged by Fiji’s trade minister not to allow themselves to be forced into a deal that undermines each country’s independence.
  • 7-Aug-2012 The Sun Daily
    Malaysia says no to TPP
    Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which is being negotiated among eleven countries including the US and Malaysia, would be detrimental to the local medical industry.
  • 6-Aug-2012 La República
    Colombia: cierra primera ronda del TLC con Costa Rica con once capítulos
    Cierra primera ronda de negociación con Costa Rica y según confirmó el ministro de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, Sergio Díaz-Granados, lo hizo concluyendo once capítulos, de los 22 que lo compondrán.
  • 6-Aug-2012 Agencia Vietnamita de Noticias
    Iniciarán Vietnam y Sudcorea negociaciones de TLC
    Vietnam y Sudcorea iniciarán en breve la primera ronda de negociaciones sobre un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) bilateral, se conoció hoy en Hanoi.
  • 6-Aug-2012 La Prensa Gráfica
    Correa reitera que no busca con UE un TLC
    El presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, reiteró este fin de semana que buscan suscribir con la Unión Europea (UE) un tratado comercial y no un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) y apuntó que en el proceso hay “líneas rojas” que no se rebasarán.
  • 6-Aug-2012 Reuters
    EU mulls French request for surveillance of S.Korea car imports
    The European Union is examining a request by France to require South Korea to give advanced warning of planned car exports to the EU, the first step towards the possible re-introduction of duties a year after a free-trade deal came into effect.
  • 6-Aug-2012 Truthout
    How the militarized war on drugs in Latin America benefits transnational corporations and undermines democracy
    Is it an exaggeration to speculate that drug trafficking and exploitative globalized corporate practices formalized under free-trade agreements (grounded in a race to the bottom on labor costs and environmental degradation) are two sides of the same profiteering coin?
  • 6-Aug-2012 Ars Technica
    Leaked US proposal on copyright’s limits: TPP draft looks more restrictive than some had hoped.
    Last week, a few short paragraphs of text were leaked that revealed something of the terms on fair use being negotiated in secret by the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • 6-Aug-2012 Bernama
    Pakistan businessmen want legal cover for their investment in India
    Pakistani businessmen who intend to invest in India should be given legal cover to ensure that no future government in Delhi reverses the decision to allow investments from Pakistan, a leading trade lobby has said.
  • 5-Aug-2012 IPS
    Assault on Colombian trade unions continues
    Two months after a free trade agreement between the US and Colombia went into effect, workers continue to face attacks.
  • 5-Aug-2012 Daily Times
    MoC seeks trade agreement with South American countries
    Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce is negotiating trading arrangements with Mercosur countries like Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Andean Community (CAN) a trade bloc comprising the South American countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to increase it’s trade market access.
  • 3-Aug-2012 Bloomberg
    Japan’s free-trade nemesis built on part-time farmers empire
    Japan’s government wants it. Mitsubishi Corp. backs it. Toyota Motor Corp. says they need it to compete. Yet, whether Japan joins the biggest attempt at a global free-trade pact may hinge on part-time rice farmers like Tadashi Hirose. And he doesn’t much like it.
  • 2-Aug-2012 Prensa Latina
    China, Japón y Surcorea dialogarán sobre TLC
    Representantes de China, Japón y Surcorea sostendrán una segunda reunión de trabajo este mes con vista a iniciar conversaciones sobre un tratado de libre comercio (TLC), se informó oficialmente hoy aquí.
  • 2-Aug-2012 La República, Perú
    Perú: TLC con Costa Rica entrará en vigor a fines del año
    La embajadora de Costa Rica en el Perú, Sara Faingezicht, informó que la Asamblea Legislativa de su país ratificará el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) bilateral.
  • 2-Aug-2012 Sapa
    SA to stay away from bilateral treaties: Davies
    South Africa will avoid entering into bilateral investment treaties (BITs) in future, except where there are compelling economic and political circumstances, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies said on Thursday.
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